How to maintain your self esteem in tough environment

We all grow up in different kinds of environments. Some of us are fortunate to have been born into an environment filled with positive people and influences. This kind of positivity can help a person become more confident and hold a high opinion of their life in general. On the other hand, there are those of us who grow up in tough environments that are full of negativity. Either that or we end up in a tough environment later on in life due to financial hardship or unforeseen circumstances. A tough environment could be one that involves violence, poverty or even loneliness. These kinds of  circumstances can drastically lower a person’s self esteem to the point where they don’t even care about their own lives anymore. If you are in a tough
environment then you need to prevent yourself from falling into this trap. Regardless of the negativity around you, there is always positivity to find somewhere. This could be from a friend or place that gives you comfort and makes you feel good. If you have a friend that you can trust then confide in your friend whenever you are feeling miserable. If you are sad and want to be alone then go to your favorite comfort zone. This could be on the roof of
an apartment building or at your local park. Sometimes it helps to just get away from your environment for a short time and enjoy the beauty of nature. This can make you feel much better and even provide you with inspiration to make something better out of your situation in life. Look for any kind of positivity you can in your environment and take full advantage of it.Another reason people have low self esteem is because they have low self confidence.
Remember that self esteem means how you value your life and self confidence means how much you trust your abilities to do things. If you have low self confidence then you probably don’t think you can succeed in life, which will ultimately drag down your self esteem as a result. So what you need to do is work on self development in order to raise both your self esteem and self confidence. Self development is simply making yourself into a better person. This could be losing weight, lifting weights, getting a good job, going to college, dating more or whatever you need to do to better yourself. These things will have a positive effect on raising your self esteem, and will increase your chances of getting out of the tough environment you are currently in.

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