Awareness on Immigration Services Scam

  • Immigration service scams are on the rise in the United States. These scammers are unlicensed service providers who run immigration servicing websites while claiming they are affiliated with various government agencies.
    The scammers pass themselves off as legitimate
    licensed service providers when they are really not. They may upload a scanned picture of their license number or certificate, even though it is not authentic.
    The advertisements on their websites will claim they can provide legal aid to both illegal and legal immigrants in the United
    States. But in reality, they are just taking their money without offering them any legitimate immigration services. Many of these websites come in English, Spanish and twelve additional
    languages in order to cater to immigrants from all across the world.
    Most of the physical leaflets and poster advertisements will be in English and Spanish because immigrants from Mexico and
    South America are more common in North America.Fortunately, federal immigration officials are aware of these immigration service scams and are currently expanding an awareness program about these scams throughout the country.
    Recently, several government agencies from the local, state and federal level discussed this awareness program in Newark, New Jersey. The program is aimed at providing education to illegal and legal immigrants about the warning signs to look out for when dealing with an immigration service provider.
    It is important to stay up to date on these warning signs because immigration fraud is becoming more common every day. The complexity and frequency of it has federal officials worried, so they want to make those affected by it more aware of what is going on. That way they can take their own precautions and not get duped out of their hard earned money by a scam artist looking to make a quick buck.
    The federal awareness campaign has already started a pilot program in Baltimore, Atlanta, New York City, Detroit, Fresno, Los Angeles, and San Antonio. These are the areas that are most commonly inhabited by immigrants, which make them areas where scammers will want
    to go to target immigrants and further enhance their illegal business practices. One easy way to find out the legitimacy of a company or individual is to look their information up on the internet.
    Even if you are an immigrant without a home computer, you can still use the computer at a public library for free and look up reviews on these service providers. If you are a legal immigrant then you could even ask a government official or representative to recommend a
    legitimate service provider to you. Otherwise, stay updated on news regarding illegal immigration services in your area.

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