The Author


JaneNk is the Author of  “Stir Up the Gift Within: Discover your Extraordinary true self” A life-changing motivational book that will help you to learn the golden path to unlocking success and letting your true self shine.  To order Your Copy please visit Jane is also the Author of an E-book, Called2Care: Learn 8 […]

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Assisted Living Business Coach


Have you ever wished you could turn your passion into a business, use your experience to create your own source of income and make more money? I have over 10 years experience in Assisted living business. Due to the projected increase in the number of aging population, I have been getting a lot of request […]

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Inspirational Speaker


JaneNk through her Inspirational speaking inspires and empowers audience to Maximize their Dreams, Discover and use their talents to Do well while doing good. she empowers her audience to create a mindset shift that automatically equips them to achieve long lasting success. MEDIA KIT! Testimonials: “Janenk Nwanne was one of the featured digital speakers for […]

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upcoming event

Register Now: Assisted Living Provider’s Conference

FAMILY MATTERS Conference is for: People who already have an Assisted Living business but are struggling to monetize the business and are not charging what they are worth. People who do not have a business but have a desire to own their own business. People who are currently working in the health field but want […]

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How to use creative thinking to solve difficult problems

People are often faced with difficult problems that they cannot solve using common sense or traditional reasoning. Instead, a person has to use some creative thinking in order to solve these difficult problems. The idea behind creative thinking is trying new and inventive ways of solving the difficult problems that you are faced with in […]

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Determination is definitely the key to success

Motivation comes from determination. If there is something in life that you want bad enough then nothing should stop you from trying to get it. This is what it means to be determined. Unfortunately, many people lack determination to accomplish their goals for one reason or another. But if you don’t have determination then you […]

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How to maintain your self esteem in tough environment

  We all grow up in different kinds of environments. Some of us are fortunate to have been born into an environment filled with positive people and influences. This kind of positivity can help a person become more confident and hold a high opinion of their life in general. On the other hand, there are […]

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Improving your quality of life through meditation

Meditation may seem like some religious practice that comes from ancient times. Even though it was originally used by ancient Hindus and Buddhists, it has become a mental exercise that people use in today’s society to make themselves feel more relaxed and less stressed. Now this doesn’t mean you have to convert to Hinduism or […]

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Staying motivated is the key to self improvement

  Many people in the world tend to lack the motivation to improve themselves and achieve the goals they want to achieve. This could be due to depression, anxiety, low self confidence or negative peer pressure. Sometimes we have people around us that drain our motivation. What you need to do is surround yourself with […]

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How to easily set goals and easily reach it

We all have goals that we want to achieve in our lives. However, many people tend to just keep their goals as fantasies in their head without ever actually trying to take the necessary steps towards achieving them. If you don’t want to be one of these people then you need to take the appropriate […]

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